The project advice and assistance in the project management.

By working with many different companies and sectors (trade, food, pharmaceuticals, industries), our APM consultants sharpen their skills and build a broad base of business knowledge. Their multiple experiences have familiarized them with processes such as production, finance, HR… This expertise is the instrument of our action, the guarantee of the quality of our services and the origin of our methodological approach.

Our project managers have a double competence AMOA and MOE supervise all the work carried out on the different processes of the company, while maintaining a transversal and global vision of the project.

In this context, PyVAL’s consultants are required to carry out the following work:

For an ERP project, companies often call upon an external integrator to manage the technical/management part of the project. PyVAL also offers you project management assistance and to optimise your investments, centralise your project and manage it by the same team.